1. The majority ofour orders are processed and shipped by EMS and DHL within 24 hours.

2. We do our bestto consolidate orders into the fewest number of shipments so that you arecharged the least amount possible for duties and taxes.


We cannotguarantee that we will have all items in stock all the time. If your item isnot in stock and is not expected to be in stock within two business days, wewill contact you with details of the backorder or a possible substitute item ifthere is one available. If you have a critical or time-sensitive need, feelfree to email us hto ensure your order reaches you as soon as you need it.

Delivery Guarantee

1. Your order willbe shipped to you fully insured.

2. If for somereason your package is lost or blocked we will reship it once again. 3. Pleasemake sure someone will be available to receive your order, otherwise yourpackage may be returned to us.

Tracking YourOrder Online

1. When your orderships, you will receive an email confirming shipment to the same email addressyou used when placing your order. This email will contain instructions on howto track your order.

2. Note that itmay take up to one business day for your information to be posted on thecarrier's website, if you can’t get the shipping information from the carrierwebsite operated in the ways as our advised, you could track it again in thenext working day.

Estimate ShippingTime

The shipping timeusually needs 3-7 days to delivery, from the time when the shipping informationpost on the carrier’s official website.

Delivery dates are not guaranteed and your order may arrive after the estimatedarrival date for various reasons, such as:
1. Delays due to weather
2. Delivery is outside major city
3. Unforeseen delays by one of our carriers
4. Delays to the unavailability of product(s)
5. Delivery is to a PO Box or APO/FPO address
6. Delays due to orders being placed on a holiday
7. Delays due to problems with credit card authorization and verification