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- Color: Green
- Type 1: Single Pump / Type 2: Double Pump
- Mode: Fully automatic / manual control
- Seal Size: 295mm
- Heating Wire Width: 2mm
- High Temperature Adhesive Tape: Teflon
- Rated Power: 100W
- Large Vacuum: 430mmhg
- Size: 26×6.5x5cm/10.2×2.5×1.9''
- Product Features: suction sealing
- Product Features: sealed and fresh
- Double pump power – strong power, pumping faster and better, keeping fresh and more powerful.
- Reasonable exhaust air dissipation – effectively remove heat from the machine and prolong service life.
- One-button press and deflate – easy to operate, easy and labor-saving.
- 12-36V safe voltage in standby mode.
- Our advantage – 365 days to protect you and your family, so that you always feel fresh.
- Integrated circuit board is more precise, isolated dust, lower power consumption and higher life.
Sealing procedure
1. Put the food in a vacuum bag
2. Place the bag flat on top of the vacuum chamber
3. Snap the ends together
4. One-button start vacuum seal
5. One-button exhaust removal to complete the seal

Package Included:
1 x Automatic Vacuum Sealer
6 x Vacuum Bags
1 x English Manual
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