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Product Name: Plastic Manual Citrus Orange Juicer Press Squeezer Lemon Juice Reamer Fruits Vegetable Tools
Material: PS&ABS&TPR
Size: Height: 10cm
      Diameter: 10.5cm
There are several advantages to the manual juicer:
1.Manual juicer by squeezing out the juice, is not used for electric juicer blade impact, can very good retains the nutrients in fruits and vegetables, and taste even more pure.
2. The juice that presses juice of manual juice machine is higher than electric juicer, can increase 10 % commonly.
3. The manual juice machine has no motor, so there is no such noise as an electric juicer.
4.The manual juicer structure is simple, clean and convenient, no blade like electric juicer, safe and reliable.
-Pins fixed space,better able to ensure the fruit firmly in the screw cap
- Semicircular filter holes,to ensure the smooth operation of the filter.
-There ia a handle to hold the cup and scale can be a measuring cup
-TPR non-slip mat at bottom, it is firm when you squeeze juice.
- Perfect for lemon, orange, lime, pawpaw and so on.
- Bottom tray can use to hold fresh juice, with a small mouth to pour out juice.
- Easy to handle,durable and easy to clean.
- Enjoy your healthy life!
Package Included:
1Pc X Orange Juicer

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