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Description :

Portable Juicer Electric Juicer Maker Multi-functional Cooking Machine Electric Food Mixing Machine  

- The stirrer holder can be seamlessly switched with the trailing lid, and the fresh juic-e can be extracted immediately.
- 1200ml to meet the capacity, with 4 leaf shark teeth cooking k-nife, ground and chewy taste.
- 4 leaf bi-onic shark-toothed k-nife group, forming a three-dimensional delicate stirring large space, strengthen eddy friction, make the taste in delicate.
- Supplementary food, meat dishes, sauces, ingredients, more creative cooking, ground out a delicate.
- 2 blade stainless steel grinding k-nife, sinking welt design, compressing the space of food material, strengthening the hot air friction, quickly grinding out as fine as dust.
- Strong copper motor, 8 seconds to enjoy juic-e. 300W high power, surging power, quick extraction of fresh nutrients pure natural, no add.
- Single-hand press to start stirring, release and stop, multiple safety protection.
- Isolation in and out of the air duct, fast heat protection life. Use the process to quickly make the motor cooling, prevent overheating, maintain power.
- Removable and washable k-nife holder, easy to clean without leaving dead ends, safe to use.
- Interlock protection design, interlock linkage, prevent misoperation.
- Micro switch, cup body lock after triggering double protection.

Specification :

Material ABS + Stainless Steel
Color white
Weight 1841g
Size As the picture
Rated Capacity1200ml
Rated Power300W

Package Includes :

1 x Multi-functional Cooking Machine
1 x Grinding Cup


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